Main Ingredients

Pure Vitamin C
  • Pure Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin contained in fruits and vegetable. 
    It is a EWG 1st grade and it is classified as a highly safe ingredient as it is produced in our human body.
    When pure vitamin C is used as a cosmetic ingredient, it helps to improve skin troubles caused by pigmentation by preventing melanin production and helps to improve wrinkles and elasticity by helping collagen synthesis, making the skin smooth and bright.

  • Effet : Brightening / Pigmentation Inhibition / Antioxidation / Anti-aging
  • As you age, the level of glutathione decreases due to environmental pollution, toxins, medicines, ultraviolet rays, and poor diet. Therefore, you will easily get tired, dull and tanned skin.
    Glutathione is the best antioxidant in the human body used as a liver detoxifying agent and a fatigue inflammation such as acne, reduces wrinkles, and increases skin elasticity. It is also a brightening ingredicent that purifies the skin by activation metabolism. It has an excellect effect of maintaining clear skin by suppressing pigmentation.

  • Effect : Brightening / Pigmentation Inhibiton / Antioxidation / Anti-aging
Collagen / Marine Clssagen
  • Collagen is a high molecular protein composed of a helical structure of three polypeptide chains with a molecular weight of about 100,000 and is the most fibrous protein in the human body. However, with age, the production of new collagen stops, reducing the elasticity of the skin, resulting in wrinkles. We call this natural aging. In addition, as the skin is exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, active acidic water is generated in the cells, causing collagen fibres to turn into insoluble collage, resulting in spots and wrinkles. This phenomenon is called photoaging. Collagen lost from aging can be replaced with cosmetics or food to help the skin to improve physical resistance and elasticity. In addition, marine collagen has the advantage that it is able to be absorbed faster than animal collagen and is very rich in methionine, a kind of antioxidant amino acid. 

  • Effect : Skin elasticity / Activates skin metabolism / Maintains moisture / Rich in amino acids
Stabilized Vitamin C(Ascorbyl glucoside)
  • A vitamin C derivative that is a mixture of pure vitamin C and glucose. It is harmless to the human body as EWG level 1, and when absorbed into the skin, it is converted into vitamin C by an enzyme called alphaglucosidase in the body, producing the same efficacy as vitamin C. 

  • Effect : Antioxidant / Skin Elasticity(accelerate collagen synthesis) / Brightening (to keep the skin clear by inhibiting melanin pigmentation) / Prevent skin erythema due to ultraviolet rays / Suppresses the formation of spots and freckles
Forsythia Suspensa Fruit Extract
  • Pantented : Brightening agent containing FORSYTHIA SUSPENSA FRUIT EXTRACT
    (registration number : 10-0638056)
    Forsythia Suspensa Fruit Extract is one of the 50 basic medicinal herbs used in traditional herbal medicine and has been used in various skin inflammatory diseases since ancient times. By analysing this component, Forsythia Suspensa Fruit proved that it has a fundamental brightening effect by inhibiting the activation of tyrosinase, which is related to melanogenesis.

  • Effect : Brightening / Inhibition of melanin tyrosinase production / Anti-inflammatory / Antioxidant
Zantedeschia Aethiopicca Flower/Stem Extract
  • Zantedeschia Aethiopica Flower is a plant of the lily family that lives in South Africa and has been used as a traditional medicine for the purpose of anti-inflammatory(antibacterial) of the skin. It was confirmed that there is an ingredient that acts as an ingredient that decomposes melanin into amino acids and removes melanin produced through the systematic 3-step brightening effect.

  • Effect : Remove produced melanin / Anti-inflammatory
Mallotus Japonicus Bark Extracts
  • Mallotus Japonicus Bark is used as a folk remedy for gastric ulcers and gastritis, stomach cancer and boils, and antiseptic and antipyretic action. A chemical structure called Bergenin in found in the extract of Mallotus Japonicus trees, which is an effective ingredient for collagen synthesis and antioxidant power in skin fibroblasts. It also has an excellent effect on wrinkle improvement (research institute : IEC Korea).

  • Effect : Antioxidant / Wrinkle Improvement / Enhance elasticity
Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract
  • The rare tree species in the world, Magnolia Officinalis is a plant of the magnolia family with the flower language of maternal love. During the Joseon Dynasty, Magnolia Officinalis was often mentioned in items sent to China with envoys. According to a recent study, the extract and the compound isolated have shown that it has a tyrosinase inhibitory effect and a melanin biosynthesis inhibitory effect in B15 melanoma cells.
  • Effect : Brightening effect / Inhibits skin fungi / Anti-inflammatory / Antibacterial