It can be purchased at GTNCKOREA Shopping mall. There will be a link for purchase on the product page.

Use it in the morning and evening. However, when using it in the morning, be sure to use sunscreen to protect the brightening effect.
It is recommended to use the peeling gel once or twice a week. However, you can use it by adjusting the number of uses depending on your skin condition.
Ascorbic Acid is a pure Vitamin C, found in vegetables and fruits, and is a very safe ingredient with EWG 1st grade. It not only removes active oxygen, but also helps in antioxidant activity, skin tone improvement, wrinkle improvement and elasticity improvement. The effects of the ingredients include whitening, reducing pigmentation, antioxidant, and anti-aging effect.
It is a method of removing dead skin cells by absorbing various impurities and dead skin cells (cations) and peeling gels (anions) in the skin. It is possible to remove dead skin cells without irritation and moisture.
Each products can be used individually. If you use the entire GTNC brightening line, you can feel the brightening effect faster and more clearly, as compared to when using a single product, but the brightening effect will appear even if you use it with the skin care products that you are using.
Yes, it is safe to use GTNC products. All the ingredients used are 100% safe and almost all of the ingredients are EWG Grade 1, which means that it is low hazard rating + high data availability.
All our ingredients are natural ingredients which are safe to the skin. However, everyone has its own skin type, allergy reactions, environments, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to guarantee 100% satisfaction for all the customers as it is difficult to have a formulation that suits everyone’s skin type. If you have a serious reaction to the products, please stop using the products and take time to recover your skin.
The brightening effect remains permanent. However, avoid going under the sun or expose to UV rays because it will cause the skin to be tanned again. Also, the usage of suncream is highly encourage to prevent pigmentation accumulation to the skin.
Our products contains 100% natural ingredients and anyone is able to use our products.