Brand Story

Our Vitamin C skincare products are proved effective in a short period of time but that doesn’t necessarily mean we use strong and toxic chemical ingredients to achieve the fast result. All ingredients used for Vitamin C skincare products achieved high safety level and the ingredients are completely harmless to the human body. We commit to keep the safety of our clients as a priority and strictly test our ingredients to maintain the EWG (Environmental Working Group) level.





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About the Founder

Before developing GTNC Vitamin C skincare products, I have a unique career as a woman. As a project manager in charge of the construction of the port container crane, I spent a lot of time on the shipping dock. Most of my major clients are from ports hence I used to travel frequently to Africa and other Southeast Asian countries. Having worked on the shipping dock for a long period of time during the exceptionally hot and strong sunlight, my skin began to turn tan and lose its elasticity. My face also became rough and developed spots and blemishes due to the harsh weather conditions at the shipping dock.

Due to my busy schedule, It was almost impossible to steadily visit the aesthetic clinic to receive treatment regularly for 1-2 hours per session. On top of that, too much laser treatments and injection prescriptions might cause side effects in the long term. For these reasons, I tried many products from foreign and domestic brands alike, but I am not satisfied with the effects of the products.

Therefore, after much consideration, I decided to develop our own Vitamin C skincare products as a brand after 2 years of product development. We have gathered sufficient research and feedbacks from many international connections, which are proved effective to help to improve skin conditions in a short period of time. GTNC brightening line skincare products was launched after fully grasping the common skin concerns that many woman have in the modern days. The products are programmed to be use in accordance with the skin turnover cycle of 28 days and it is made possible to feel skin changes in a short period of time without skin irritations with natural ingredients like Vitamin C and natural plant extracts.
We aspire to provide a complete skincare formulation for Graceful and Trendy modern women who are passionate about their passion in their own field. The skincare formulation provides clean and healthy skin for women to give them confidence and empower them to pursue their passion without worries.